How to Sell Your Old or Unused Tools For Cash!

I’ve always been a wheeler and dealer. Did you know that there are a whole bunch of ways to come up with some extra cash by selling your old or unused tools? My own mother still shakes her head at me when I tell her yet another way I’ve made a dime or two.

There are ways a plenty to sell your tools for quick cash, here’s a few for you to consider:

  • Post an ad on
  • Post an auction on Ebay
  • Post an ad on
  • Post on woodworking forums like
  • Take them to your local consignment shop
  • Sell them to a pawnshop
  • Put an ad in the newspaper
  • Place a flyer at the grocery store
  • Hold an auction (if you have a lot of tools)
  • Tell your friends
  • Get a flea market booth

Anyone that’s been around a few years is very likely to have some tools that are just collecting dust that your dust collector didn’t bother to catch (you have one, right?) It might be a perfectly fine tool, but if you never use it, why bother having it take up space? Other folks inherit tools they will NEVER use. Some bought a bunch, figuring woodworking was the hobby for them, and it isn’t.

It used to be, that if you wanted to unload a few old or unused tools, you could make a little cash by putting an ad in the newspaper or go down to your local pawn shop and sell them for pennies on the dollar. With the rise of technology, you can now sell your tools at a very fair price, without ever leaving your house. Now, how’s that for nice!

Some people actually make a nice side income from buying, restoring and reselling old or unused tools! Auctions and estate sales are a great place to pick up large lots of tools, some junk, some antique jewels, some nearly brand new, at pretty fair prices. Many of these tools will have much greater resale value than what you can purchase them for as a large lot.

Tools are one of the few things in our world that really tend to hold their value well if they are well kept. If you can find a deal somewhere, grab it up, even if you don’t have a use for it, you’ll probably be able to make a tidy profit if you give it some time.

I know I’ve occasionally sold my old or unused tools for way too little and kicked myself later when I realized what I did. I can tell you, if I’ve done it, many other have too, so always be on the lookout for a super deal! When you find one, just clean it up, put a new blade on it, and go shopping for a buyer!

While I’m on the subject, I found a site that will teach you how to purchase new woodworking tools cheap to replace your old and unused tools.